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From: angelo caduto
Subject: Fellatio TrailMy sexual titillation, and initiation, happened when I was 12-years-old.
Like many boomers, I grew up in the suburbs in the 60s, when the urban
sprawl began. Behind my tract housing neighborhood was a woods. One that
seen to go on and on, as an 12-year-old mind would expand. Mostly I would
walk through the woods, sometimes with my friend Jimmy.
This day i was alone. I was riding my fat tire bike along a trail. Expanding
my territory, I came upon a dirt road. I was in a part of the woods I had
never been in before, when about seven 14-year-old boys appeared from the
woods. One grabbed my handlebar, knocking me to the ground.
They were only three years older than me, but much larger and, needless to
say, very intimidating in a group. A couple grabbed me, put their hands over
my eyes and dragged me into the woods. When we stopped, we were by a small
stream. It was clear this was their hideout. There was a little fire going,
with rocks around the fire pit.
When they let go of me, I fell to the ground. I was crying.
"Bobbie, what should we do with him," one of the ones that dragged me said.
"I don't know, he invaded our camp," replied Bobbie, the leader, then
smiled. "Maybe we should throw him in the river."
This put a little more fear into my 12-year-old mind. I knew how to swim,
but I was already lost, the thought of drifting down the river was not an
appealing one. Probably my biggest fear was what would happen to my bike.
I was looking for a way to run, but the only lolita ls land sites escape would be to the stream.
As I looked I saw one of the kids had a hold of my bike.
I was terrified.
"Where do you live?" Bobbie asked.
"Pin...p..street" I said sobbing, new quit saying Pine Street.
"I think he lives on penis," Bobbie said to the others and they laughed.
It meant nothing to me.
"He can live on my penis," laughed another.
"Shut up fag," Bobbie said.
"You shut up fag," the laughing boy replied.
"Eat me dick," Bobbie said and all the kids were laughing. Their laughter
made me feel a little more comfortable, though I didn't really understand
the juvenile taunting.
"I got an idea," Bobbie said. "Do you want us to let you go?"
I nodded.
"Okay, we can let you go and keep your bike," he said. "Or we can let you
take your bike, but..."
The kid didn't say anything for a second, as his friends looked to him to
see what the challenge would be.
"If you want your bike, you have to kiss each of our dicks," Bobbie said and
the others laughed.
Though I was still to young to understand the significance, I did understand
what they wanted me to do. I looked around the group, trying to gage what
the reaction was and it was clear, Bobbie called the shots.
"Do you want your bike?" he asked.
I nodded.
"Then open your mouth." again he laughed. He was also unzipping his pants.
"He should 'French kiss' our dicks," added one of the boys who had my bike.
Bobbie looked over to him, laughed, and said, "Yeah, good idea."
"I..I don't know what that means," I nervously said. I did, in a youngs lolos lolita model sense, my
friend Jimmy and I had learned from his older sister what a French kiss was,
but I had no clue what they wanted me to do.
"I means you take our dick in your mouth," said the bike holder and everyone
Just knowing they were going to let me go AND give me my bike was good news.
Kissing their dicks seemed like a good trade.
Now Bobbie was in front of me. I looked at his penis, and a wave lolita free daily pics of fear
came over me. I was thinking that he might piss in my mouth. Sexually I was
pretty naive. So I put my mouth over his penis and quickly backed away.
"He did it," I head one of forebidden pre teen lolita the boys whisper.
Bobbie looked like he was going to back away, then he stopped, "You close
your mouth on the penis."
He held is penis up and this time I took him in my mouth.
Then the bike holder dropped my bike and started towards me, but as he
started to unzipped his pants, the kid that argued with Bobbie stepped in
front of me.
When I put my mouth over his cock, he grabbed my head, so I couldn't spit
out his dick. "Look he's giving me a blowjob."
I was able to push him away, but the other kids were laughing and I knew
they would now all do the same.
The bike holder next stepped in front of me and I noticed there was
something different. Not only was his penis bigger, but it was hard. I was
too young to know, he was actually getting excited.
He grabbed my head and pushed his penis in my mouth.
The next two kids that stepped forward weren't really into it, which was a
relief. I didn't even have to take their penis in my mouth.
As I took the next boy in my mouth, I felt powerful. Just by taking another
boy's penis between my lips I was in control. In a span of about five
minutes I looked at seven penis'. Though I didn't understand it. I knew
there was something quite sexy about this.
The last kid was hesitant.
"Go on Petey," Bobbie ordered.
"I don't know," Petey said. "What if he tells people."
"He isn't going to tell anyone he was sucking our dicks," the boy with the
erection said, "If he did his mom would take him to a doctor."
"What if they call a cop?" Petey asked. No one answered for a moment. It hit
them, while they didn't lolita 8 yo pics know what sodomy was, they had just forced me to do
something they could all get in trouble for.
This was sort of dawning on me as well. I knew I couldn't really tell my
parents I had put someone's penis in my mouth, without a bit of explaining.
I was so worried about getting my bike, I never thought that maybe there was
something wrong with putting my lips on another boy.
"Petey if you are afraid, don't do it," Bobbie said taunting Petey. The way
Petey tightened up, it was clear he was the crybaby of the group.
"Buck buck," someone was imitating a chicken.
"Eat me," Petey said, un-zipped his pants and proceeded to put his penis in
my mouth. As Petey zipped his pants up the others started walking back to
the dirt road, I realized that I was suppose to follow. I grabbed my bike
and pushed it behind them.
At the road Bobbie said, "You better not come back here, or next time you
will have to suck our dicks."
"Until we have boners," another said.
"If you tell anyone we WILL throw you in the river," I heard as I jumped on
my bike and pedaled away. I didn't stop until I found the trail to my
At the trail I got off my bike and started to walk and catch my breath. My
body was trembling from an adrenaline rush. When I got home, it was only 3
p.m. I would be alone until my parents got home from work. I was thinking
about what happened and realized, like lolitas underage pedo preteens the boy who held my bike, my dick was
getting stiff.
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